Thursday, February 2, 2012

A review of Prenatal Vinyasa Yoga with Jennifer Wolfe

Ok, Ok, I get it I totally suck at this blogging thing- BUT I wanted to write a review for any expectant mothers to be that want to continue a healthy yoga practice throughout their pregnancy without sacrificing the challenges they may be used to in their normal classes. So here you go- a review of Prenatal Vinyasa Yoga. The DVD can be found at

Hope you enjoy!!

(with Jennifer Wolfe)

While pregnant with baby boy number two, I felt as if my body was really suffering from the lack of hot yoga practice I was accustomed to. Because I am pregnant and get so overheated, I have had to cut out my beloved practice. So, off and on I searched for a yoga DVD to replace one of workouts that I do- preferably like what I used to do with hot yoga on Wednesdays.

I stumbled upon Prenatal Vinyasa Yoga with Jennifer Wolfe on and got giddy while reading the reviews saying that this video was not for beginner yogis. Was this what I was looking for? I really needed a bit of a challenge as I missed my hot yoga classes at with Heather every week. And by missed, I may have cried a couple of times about it. Every other prenatal yoga video I tried was far too easy. I have sampled 3 so far not including this one, and it goes over some basic stretches and Warrior poses, but it did not challenge me or interest me enough to continue after the first runthrough.

So I ordered it. I figured it was worth a shot, and if anything it would be a nice thing to do during the weekends when I felt my body was too uptight. For a 75 minute routine, I couldn't imagine it NOT helping me keep in some kind of yoga shape throughout these few months of pregnancy. I also liked the option of having a Partner Routine (Yes. For a split second I imagined Drew helping me do a couple of poses in yoga while following along a video until I remembered what reality I was in, haha!).

Well, after yesterday's first trial of this video I am MORE than happy with the workout, and the next day result. I am pleasantly sore in all the right places, I stayed cool throughout the practice, and it had a GREAT vinyasa flow throughout the whole workout. There are plenty of sun poses, squat exercises, warrior poses, and triangle poses just to name some off the top of my head. One of my favorite pros of this workout is that they have three ladies doing the workout, all representing the different trimesters. This is so you get any modifications that you feel you need throughout the practice. Throughout the workout they keep modifying the poses for people who want to advance, which was an excellent perk. I constantly felt challenged and alert, instead of bored and waiting for it to be over.

I am going to continue to do this workout at least once a week to keep me loose and relaxed. I think that this prenatal video is an amazing find for those who are used to a slightly more advanced yoga style (such at vinyasa or hot yoga) and since it is 75 minutes, I did not feel as if it was too short at all. With the relaxation at the end, I almost felt as if I was in a room full of pregnant women enjoying an actual class.

Hopefully I will be able to convince Drew to help do the partner section. When (if... probably not!) he does, I will write a review of that as well. Namaste!!!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

A quiet Saturday midmorning to reflect on all that has happened...

Hello again. Didn't I promise I would be better at this blogging thing? Seems as if life has once again spun me around and around to the point of my forgetting to do tasks that I want to do.

What has been going on. What has been going on? Well, there are a few stories that I can tell, but one in particular stays fresh in my mind while I am drinking my midmorning lukewarm coffee (which is delicious, trade free, and organic). My dad. My wonderful, strong, sensitive, loving father. I admire him and my mother more than I think they realize for everything that they do for me, and what they do for each other. Since my dad has been diagnosed with EC (esophageal cancer) I have seen sides to them that I have never experienced before. Heartbreak, encouragement, blind faith, weakness, hope... all these emotions at one point have been shown and felt in these long, but strangely rapidly paced couple of months. Was it just last weekend Drew, AJ, and I went and saw mom and dad? Was it just last WEEK that my dad was in the hospital, with a blood clot in his lung and a few in his leg? Was it just last week my mom and I, in spite of all of our stress, went and had a wonderful time at Chilis late on Thursday night, just talking, escaping all that has been happening, having a fantastic girls night? Yes, I guess it was. My how time flies and stays still at the same time.

I have realized a few things. Even when you are not thinking about him, God is always rooting for you. Yes, really crappy things may be happening in your life, you may be living like Job in the Bible, but God does not abandon you, even when you think He has for sure. He may have allowed my father to have cancer, but he has not stopped showing us the miracles that he can perform. Great blood count, only one tumor, a month's worth of free medication that my parents had no idea how they would be able to afford, insurance allowing the kind of radiation that my father needs, a small church constantly bringing things that they need before they even realize they need it, amazing doctors that both of my parents adore and trust... It is all God. I believe that by the time all of this is over with, my parents will have a fantastic story of God's faithfulness and the miracles that He still does, even in this modern broken world.

Mom, Dad. I completely adore and love you guys. You are an inspiration to me through your marriage and through your parenting, and I only hope that Drew and I grow to be strong and loving like you two are. Mom and Dad, I have no idea how you do it all, but you do. <3

Thursday, August 4, 2011

phases that kids go through...

I actually enjoy most of AJ's "phases" (read: obsessions) that he goes through. It seems as if he goes through a major one about once a year. The first thing he got into was Yo Gabba Gabba. Ugh. I would be so happy if I never had to hear "There's a Party In My Tummy" or "Pool Party" again. He had bed sheets, pillows, blankets, toys, dvds, cars, trains, a dance mat, musical instruments, and even Yo Gabba Gabba microphones. And abut 90% of these toys were obnoxiously LLOOUUDD. While I supported AJ throughout his habit, he finally started to move onto something else.

Next comes the Toy Story binge. This ties into a Cars binge as well, but it did not bring havoc unto this household like Buzz Lightyear did. This all happened before the Toy Story 3 movie came out (and made me a full believer of hidden messages in television). All of the sudden he fell in love with Toy Story. And quickly he fell even more in love with Toy Story 2 because it had ZURG in it. What a great super villain to go crazy over. Who, by the way, is very hard to find online and in toy stores without spending an arm and a leg. AJ had the big Woody, the large Buzz that was exactly like the one in the movie, and for Christmas he got Bullseye and Jessie. He has a whole drawer under his bed that has nothing but his toy story items. His first movie he saw in the theaters was Toy Story 3 which he sat there, unmoving and unspeaking, for almost 2 hours except to yell "LOOK MOMMY ITS BUZZ!" when he first popped on the screen. Finally, after tiring of Randy Newman's voice, AJ decided to leave his precious toys behind, to fall into his next obsession overload.

*Sigh* this is where we land now. Super Heros. Marvel, DC, whatever, he loves them all. Transformers, Super Hero Squad, Batman, Spiderman, Ironman, The Flash, Human Torch, Fantastic 4, WHATEVER. If it even remotely looks like a super hero, he will like it. His Grammy found him a Spiderman suitcase for free, and that now is FULL of his collection of super hero memorabilia. He has a Captain America lunchbox with all of his Super Hero Squad figures. And another little lunchbox with all of his tiny Transformer toys. He has a whole DVD shelf dedicated to superhero movies. He knows where the super hero section is in the toy store as well as the movie store. His favorite song is the theme song to The Avengers TV show. He shouts it on the top of his lungs, particularly when he is in the shower. It took me months to figure out what song he was singing. Soon, because this is a phase that I actually have been enjoying, I will probably decorate his room in various super hero decals (that can come off without a problem and be replaced with, I don't know, dinosaurs or something).

Why am I talking about this? I was thinking about it. When was the last time I went through a phase like this? If I could have such passion towards something like AJ does, think of the things that I could accomplish! Heaven forbid I start showing such passion and obsession towards God! He knows I love Him, but goodness there are so many areas in my life I could improve in if I just had that kind of passion towards it. Something to think about. What kind of obsessions/passions do you have in your life or your children??

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Its been... a couple of years!

I keep saying I am going to become a blogger. Again. It is kind of hard when the "o" key on the keyboard of this slow computer doesn't work half of the time (I can thank AJ for that one I think...)

But I will try. It has been a trying summer. It is like God is really trying to strengthen me up. Lets see what has gone on...

1. My wonderful Minter family dog, Kramer, who we have had since I was 11, had to be put to sleep due to health issues. Ouch.

2. I became pregnant. I had my first ultrasound due to a minor complication and they wanted to give me one just to make me feel better. I'm glad that they did. They found an enlarged yolksac. And a heartbeat. And a baby that was 2 weeks under developed. At 8 weeks pregnant all of this is a huge deal, and the yolksac that was enlarged usually means that the baby has something chromosmally wrong with it and will miscarry. But there was a heartbeat! Sadly, a week later we had another ultrasound and there was no heartbeat. I had a D & C procedure done the day after Drew and mine's 4th anniversary. Needless to say, in spite of us not feeling much like celebrating, Drew got me a beautiful bright arrangement of flowers that were delivered on our anniversary. A bright spot in my rainy day. Double ouch.

3. A week after that I had a mental breakdown. Those close to me knows what happened. I am now on medication that has helped and am seeing a great therapist who is really helping me with some underlying issues I need worked on. This all goes along with the Double ouch with an ounce of crazy thrown in.

4. This is the big one. We found out about a week and a half ago that my daddy has esophageal cancer. It is stage 2/ early stage 3. They say that they are very confident about dad being able to beat this, and yesterday my dad started his first round of chemo. I have to put my faith in God like I never have before. Put my faith in these doctors I have never met. I don't like seeing my dad in pain, it hurts my heart. But I am putting my faith in God that this will all work out, and that my dad will pull through this. Those who know me knows how hard it is. I like feeling like I have control of situations, and with this situation I have no control whats so ever, except for praying and telling Dad how much I love and support him throughout all of this. Since putting my faith in God and giving all of this up to Him some pretty great stuff has been happening- great in spite of cancer. Dad has to have less chemo than originally thought. He only has one tumor and one lymph node that needs to be removed. He has not gotten sick yet from the chemo. He loves his doctors and has felt really encouraged. His blood work is great. He has a great outlook on things which I totally admire him for. I pray that this fight will continue to be such a positive one, and that dad's testimony throughout all of this will be encouraging to somebody who needs encouragement in a scary time.

God can speak to you in some pretty obvious ways. At least thats what I have found- I think God knows I need more than subtile hints about things as important as this. When we found out the diagnosis of dad's cancer, the following Sunday I was scheduled to spend the day on stage at Kid Kraze at WEC. So glad I did because the whole lesson really spoke to me. It was about persevering through tough times which I really really really need to do. And there was a Captain Anxiety in the video the kids watched. As a person who struggles with anxiety, listening to that video made me laugh and realize how silly and insignificant my anxiety can seem at times. And a couple of days later I was thinking about everything that was going on and getting a little bummed out about it, and a verse pops on the TV (the kids were watching some veggie tales episode they saw on Netflix I had never seen before) about persevering as well. OK God, I can take a hint- I need to keep pushing through everything that is hard with a good attitude and wise choices. And I need to be encouraging to those who need it, especially my family!

I am now reading Psalms 91 by Peggy Joyce Ruth, thanks to my wonderful friend Lindsey Brooks. It is really great and encouraging, reminding me of all of God's promises of protection. So I close my blogging for the night and my wanting to curse my "o" key on this darn keyboard, with a quote from the verses Psalms 91: 9-13,

"9 If you say, “The LORD is my refuge,”
and you make the Most High your dwelling,
10 no harm will overtake you,
no disaster will come near your tent.
11 For he will command his angels concerning you
to guard you in all your ways;
12 they will lift you up in their hands,
so that you will not strike your foot against a stone.
13 You will tread on the lion and the cobra;
you will trample the great lion and the serpent."

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

bags, church, and books oh my!


I went to a wonderful party hosted by the wonderful Bethany P. It was for a "bag" line called 31. 31 is based on Proverbs 31, which concentrates on women and that they all deserve to have something beautiful!!!! Anyway, Jessie, Katie, and I fell in <3LOVE<3 with many of the fall items, as well as the couple of summery items we picked out. Because of this, we decided that we are hosting our OWN party, here, at my house, on the first Friday in October. I am super excited about it-- we will have fresh treats and plenty of laughs. Everybody is invited!!!


This Sunday Stu talked about communion. It was meaningful, because he really touched basis with some things that I have never connected before with the Lord's supper. It was one of those sermons that you know you will never forget, even if they didn't have a Mini Cooper on the stage at one point in time.... haha! I will always associate communion now with more of a spiritual awakening. A reminder that JESUS was the innocent lamb that was slain and put across the top of our heart's doorway, so that God's judgement may pass over our sinful nature and that we may live. *sigh* I love mini revelations that pop out like that.


I just finished reading this delightful little delicacy called "What-in-the-dickens" by Gregory McGuire. You may recognize him as the guy who wrote the "Wicked" trilogy. Anyway, this book I believe is more centered around the younger crowd, and it was so much fun to read! About the little creatures that deem themselves as skebereens, who don upon the coat of the lable "tooth fairy". They collect teeth and plant them, and they turn into wishing candles in which they replace one ordinary candle in the bunch with this magical wishing candle, in hopes that humans will continue to have imagination, hopes, and dreams. I'd recommend it to anybody who likes a good tale! I may even tell this one to AJ when he gets older!!!!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Love It!!!!!

I have finally started putting my creative thinking into action lately... I have done some random things for some random family members such as:

A Banner for Jessie's new Etsy website:

A show flyer for my brother:

and a logo for Drew, which he ended up not using, but I still liked it anyway:

On top of all of these little creative tidbits, I have found a church to call home. With much much thanks to my brother and sister in law, we finally went to Waters Edge Church for the first time a little over 3 weeks ago. The music? Fantabulous. The atmosphere? Wontabulous. The Preaching? Godtabulous! The head pastor is great-- he has a perfect personality and definitely knows how to make Christians comfortable in their skin and how to help us grow stronger with God. The other guy who preaches, Rob, is quite wonderful as well!!! He has such a great personality and is super personable with the way that he reaches out to people. These people at this church really make me want to reach out and give God a big smooch on the cheek for a THANK YOU for having such a wonderful church for my family and myself to attend to!!!

We will be joining a small group as soon as we are able, and I might also volunteer with the children in some shape or form. It is such a relief to find someplace to get involved in again-- with tons of people mine and Drews and AJ's age group. MAN I am so happy!!!!! :):):):)

Friday, June 12, 2009

a quick cry and a quick post....

Well, since I have been off my medication my emotions have been a TRAIN WRECK!!!!!!!! I have not felt myself, been super grouchy to everybody in my path, and just been feeling downright lazy and slummish.

I need to CHEER UP!!! I need to get EXCITED about my trip tomorrow!!!! I need to figure out a way to get AJ to stop crying and to stop being in so much pain (teeth).... he has a horrible fever and his poor face is all swollen from his teeth trying to budge their way in. It makes me want to cry to see him feeling like this and to know that there is absolutely. nothing. i can do about it.

Oh, and PS. If I hear that Kelly Clarkson song "My life would suck without you" one more freakin time, I am going to throw my brand new flat keyboard into the TV so I don't have to look at or hear her anymore....

Pray for me! And our long trip tomorrow (7 hours or so)! And pray that AJ feels better! And that he won't decide to throw himself into the pool unless I am right there to catch him! And that Drew doesn't run into something or somebody run into us on the drive down there! Or that Drew will come home safely on Wed while I come home safely on Saturday! And that my father holds it together for the last sermon at YBC on Sunday (I wish I could be there....) *sigh* so many things going on....